Tom Daley just looks like a buff version of Sammy from Dance Academy.

Sunday Jul 7 @ 10:29pm


Sammy’s final dance.

Friday Apr 4 @ 08:18am
Friday Apr 4 @ 08:17am
Why is Tara’s crush on Ben, so much creepier than any of her other crushes have been.

I feel like she’s gonna make a voodoo doll of him if he refuses to date her.

Thursday Apr 4 @ 08:55pm
Tuesday Apr 4 @ 07:28pm

When Jordan started singing I about died. I didnt know he could sing. I am baffled.

Thursday Mar 3 @ 10:10pm
Wednesday Mar 3 @ 10:49pm

Ugh why are you so CUTE!!

Tuesday Mar 3 @ 09:37pm
Monday Mar 3 @ 09:36pm

“If you waste too much time blaming the world, the world wins.” -Ben Tickle, perfect human.

Sunday Mar 3 @ 04:15pm
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